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Moses Duckrell

Moses Duckrell kommer att förstärka truppen inför säsongen 2018. Moses spelade i Gottne 2016 och stod för 20 mål i Div III MN. Han spelade senast med Piteå IF 2017 där han stod för 10 mål i Div 2 Norrland. Läs intervjun med Moses nedan.

What kind of player and person are you?
 - I would describe myself as a quick and powerful forward that’s very good at scoring goals in and around the box. Although I’m quite serious and dedicated to my football career, I’m a very bubbly guy and I do like to socialise with friends off the pitch and have a laugh.

What is your background in England?
- In England I played for Barnet FC in league 2 from 16-18 and that was a very good experience for me. I learnt a lot of things from the senior players in a professional environment which helped to improve my game.
How do you experience Sweden and Övik?
- Sweden is a beautiful country and its a very nice place to live. I lived in Övik in 2016 and I only have great memories of my time there so it’s exciting to be coming back.
What is the biggest difference between Swedish football and English football?
- The biggest difference for me is probably the technical side of the Swedish game. In England it’s a faster tempo and players are more physical but in the lower levels, the ball isn’t passed around on the ground as much as here in Sweden.
What are your biggest strengths?
- I think my biggest strengths are my speed and my ability to score goals in tight situations.
What are you related to FV and why did you choose FV and not other more established teams?
- I followed the progress of the team last season and saw that the club did extremely well and showed great character to win the play off game. I chose FV because I’ve seen how they raise and develop young local talents with professional coaching and I think it will be a very good environment for me to develop my own personal game and take the next step forward.
How will you help FV make a good season 2018?
- My plan is to help the team as much as I can with scoring and creating goals so we can have a positive season.
Welcome to Friska!
- Thanks!!